PLUS+1® Service Tool

Maintain and diagnose your machine equipment in the field.

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A comprehensive tool to assemble packages and design app views that support your maintenance of machines. Prepare at home, install on the go.

1. Assemble package

Collect all your configurations and firmware into packages in the web application.

2. Compose app views

Compose app views with tools you need to diagnose machines in the field.

3. Sync with mobile app

Download the mobile application and sync packages to your smart phone.

4. Operate on the field

Use the application to install or maintain already installed firmware to machines on the field.

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  • Use iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Connect to machines over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Access service packages created by others
  • Read and write machine parameters
  • Update machine firmware
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Requires Professional license

  • Everything available to technician
  • Manage your machines information
  • Design service packages for personal use
  • Use editor to compose app views
  • Store service packages in the cloud
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Requires Cloud Add-on

  • Everything available to developer
  • Get a dedicated workspace
  • Invite other users to the workspace
  • Collaborate on service packages
  • Distribute service packages
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Web application

Request a PLUS+1® Professional license

It is required to have a PLUS+1® Professional license to design service packages. Please contact Danfoss sales to purchase one.

Web application

Download the app

Use the mobile app to connect to machines in the field. Easily update firmware, download log files and diagnose problems.

Download for free on the Google Play Store or App Store.

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